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Welcome to Dry Creek Acres!!

Come join us for a tour of our farm as we share some of our favorite photos with you..

Missouri State Fair - 2012

Central WI State Fair - 2012
2012 - What a great year!!

Junior Grand Champion Toggenburg
2012 ADGA National Show with
Dry Creek Acres Brownsugar

Kansas State Fair - 2012
WI State Fair - 2012

Bluff Country Classic - 2012

Jr. Grand Champion Ribbon
ADGA Nationals 2012

More goodies from the Bluff Country Classic
Welcome to our farm...come on in and look around!!

A view of Dry Creek Acres from above.
Joe keeps the tomatoes weed-free and healthy.
Melissa shows off the 2009 corn in the garden.

Grazing in the fields.
Another view of the Dry Creek Acres barn.
Snowy pine needles!

Snow on the Hostas
Columbus Day 2009

Autumn "officially" ended when we woke up
to find all this snow on the ground!!

Snow on the Sedum
While we usually enjoy these beautiful fall colors, they usually don't have snow on them!!

An early end to the 2009 garden!
This is a site NOT to behold...snow on the corn in October...wonder if it will ever dry enough to be combined?
It shouldn't look like this in October!!

Victory as a puppy...learning to be a livestock guardian dog.
Victory helps clean up some new babies...quite the little helper!
Victory-our guardian dog

We're off to another show!
And now for our favorite pasttime...come on along to the shows with us!!
The tent housing the dairy goats at the
Central WI State Fair
The round dairy barn at the Central WI State Fair in Marshfield, WI...a reminder of the past and preserved for the future.

Les Reeck....one of our WI friends. We love
his unique goat trailer.
Good friends.....
John and Angel McPherson of Crescent Ridge Farm in
WI...they keep us laughing at the shows.
Angel and Melissa share some fun at the
Central WI State Fair

Some of the WI Goat Ladies
Fun times.....
Dale & Marily Stertz of Nubilop Acres, some of our
Nebraska friends.
James Branham takes a break from showing
his LaManchas to help out with the Nubians.

The Aaron & Jill Langrehr Family of WI
Friendly Competition....
Joe shows Vanilla at one of our summer shows.
The Dry Creek Acres show display

Reaping the benefits...BSDIS at WI State Fair 2009!!
And the glow of success for a
job well done...we wouldn't miss
this for the world!!

Joe and Melissa discussing the Nubian Jr. Produce class at the WI State Fair
The end of a long day at Dry Creek Acres.

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