When we started out in Dairy Goats in 1994, it was very difficult to find information on how to care for our dairy goats. Now, there is a wealth of good information on the Internet. (Watch out, there is some poor information, too!)

Here are some links to sites and materials that will help you better care for and show your goats.


American Dairy Goat Association

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4-H Projects & Dairy Goat Showing & Fitting Basic

Your Dairy Goat - a 24 page booklet intended for 4-H Dairy Goat projects
prepared by Washington State Univeristy -  Cooperative Extension

4-H Dairy Goat Project - a 36-page booklet prepared by the University
of Kentucky - Cooperative Extension

The 4-H Dairy Goat Project - a 28-page booklet prepared by the University of
Wyoming - Cooperative Extension Service

Meat Goat Showmanship - a 6-page booklet prepared by North Carolina State
University (Extension Service) explaining showmship techniques

Goat Beauty Parlor - How to Clip a Goat before a Show (4 pages)

Fitting Dairy Goats (covers training, clipping, preparation) - on excerpt from the book
Dairy Goat Judging Techniques by Harvey Considine and George Trimberger
(Chapter 17, Fitting and Showing)


Hoof Trimming - includes diagrams

Hoof Trimming - includes photographs


Publications and Information


AIPL Database Access for General Public

Dairy Goat Journal

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